men and women vs mall and skyrim

men and women vs mall and skyrim

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    Luke Magnifico

    Why couldn’t the dwarves just dig in a straight fucking line, god damn.


    This is accurate.


    Not entirely. There are three areas the man left unexplored in the cave in this drawing. That wouldn’t happen in real life.


    Yeah, no it’s not. I’m a girl and I fucking hate shopping, and when I play video games I make sure to actually explore. So, hooray for generalizations. :/


    I can’t leave a dungeon without being absolutely positive that I didn’t miss even one Expert-level locked chest behind with six gold and an iron helmet inside. And it’s in one of those three unvisited corners.

    Robot Dog

    Speaking as a man who rarely buys pants, and who hasn’t played Skyrim (YET) but has enjoyed years of Morrowind & Oblivion… I declare the male part of this chart accurate.