myths about introverts

myths about introverts

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    This is very true for me, expect for myth #9, i don’t shutdown, but i’m not a true introvert, I’m introverted extrovert.


    If introverts aren’t thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies, I’ll propably have to sell my motocross bike and stop dreaming about parachuting..


    Eerily enough, this describes me very well 😛 lol I enjoy reading about me


    Well done! It was a real revelation to me to learn about introverts a few years back. My mom had always told me I was “shy,” but shy didn’t really seem to fit. I just enjoyed my alone time and always felt relieved when LEAVING a party or group of people. You really hit the nail on the head here, and I love the way you flipped the end advice for how to help extroverts interact better with introverts – ha!


    Well said. I haven’t seen anything on the internet striving for introverts to be “treated better” for a while. It is refreshing.

    Miriam Pia

    To give perspective: one the introversion/extroversion scale as far as I last knew, I’d dead center between the two, but at age 18 I rated as extremely introverted. Introverts tend to prefer a small number of people with whom s/he is very close. This doesn’t mean the introvert dislikes knowing lots of people, but there may be more distance. Some cultures value introversion whereas other societies tend to feel that people are only introverts when something is wrong. When whatever is wrong with them is solved, that theory goes, the person really become an extrovert. In reality, its a spectrum… Read more »