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    You just gonna pay for that, + some extra, in your taxes.


    I’m wondering where the cop is. Any why that bastard is not taking a .40 to the face. If I was on the city council, that cop would be unemployed.

    Burning car = bomb.

    Bombs only exist to kill people.

    He is trying to kill people = he should die.

    Also, that car is not cheap, and as a employee on the public dole, the cop as a duty to reduce costs. A bullet is much cheaper then a car.


    oh, canada!


    You thought that was bad, you should have seen what they had planned for if they had won! #Cansucks


    My brain is full of fuck. Why are they rioting? over a stupid hockey match?


    The fucker’s gonna kill himself when the gasoline fumes hit that match…


    Yes most of those people rioting (and not just standing around watching) are canucks hockey fans and complete losers. Here is an article about this person: He got what was coming to him and so did the other rioters…anyone that was caught lost their jobs or their scholarships, had charges laid against them and got themselves and their families threatened by the community. Vancouver degrades into mob rules when anything unsatisfying happens, people came pre ready to riot for game 7. All across Canada hockey cities do not riot when they lose but Vancouver is full of entitled children… Read more »


    Lol, I made it a point not to be in the city for that game. Saw it coming from game 1.

    There is a legitimate time to set fire to cop cars and go berserk, and after a hockey game is definitely not it. Shame on you kids. Shame.



    robert haag

    I enjoyed that the local authorities tried to claim that these were anarchists who had gotten themselves Canucks gear and came to town to commit hijinks…


    Hockey? I thought it was Occupy the Burn Unit!!

    nice shoes homo

    “An up-and-coming water polo athlete”

    Your observation is appropriate, but redundant.


    I don’t get it. Why are they so mad? They already has the national health care.