Hockey Fights

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    Not a single bit of that proved to us that fighting in hockey carried a strategic depth to it. What terrible argumentation.

    fracked again

    It supposedly raises the morale of the players and is exciting to the people in the stands. Your team may have lost, but at least you saw a fight. You’ll be back.


    What a complete and utter waste that infographic was (and probably specious. I have my doubts about the score affecting the number of fights). Here, in simple terms, is the how and why of fighting as a strategic tactic in hockey: A hockey fight usually occurs when a player is crowding the opposing team’s star player. That’s why Gretsky always had the leagues biggest heavies on his team, ready to edumacate anyone who dared to body check the great one. It’s essentially the same thing as when a pitcher brushes back a batter that is crowding the plate. The fighting… Read more »

    Luke Magnifico

    “Hockey is arguably the world’s fastest and most physical sport”

    Hurling is.


    Agreed. That shit is no joke.