You have 30 days to pay me $5,000,000…

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An intriguing video surfaced on YouTube showing a man traveling to the Giza Plateau in Egypt and sending a remote controlled car-camera into a small pyramid passage. While it is unknown what the camera specifically captured, the more info part of the video stated, “I just want to sell my silence. You have 30 days to pay me $5.000.000 otherwise I will upload the full version of this video.”

The video was uploaded to YouTube on November 16, 2011 by “n0w1kn0w” whose YouTube information claims to be a 28 year old from Russia. His account was created on the same day and does not have any additional videos or favorites.

The amount demanded specifically stated $5.000.000, with periods placed where commas should be. If this criteria is not met within 30 days of November 16th, 2011, the video uploader stated he will release the “full version” of the video he captured.

It is unknown if this man has a “Plan B” in the event he is “silenced” before his 30 day demand. It is also unknown who he is specifically demanding this amount from.




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    Well, seeing that it took the usual 3 – 4 weeks for your posted image to make it through the queue, the “30 days from November 19th” has already passed. Somebody should pay the $5 to the “now-i-know” website to download the video and make it available here.

    Myself, I’m guessing what we’re looking at the end there is Casemod’s colonoscopy.


    Which you’d have to pay me $5,000,000 to watch.


    The fact that the guy’s charging for the vid indicates that the shakedown was nothing more than a publicity stunt.


    It’s a scam 😛 has anyone seen the full video? maybe this guy is dead already 😛


    It’s five million, not five dollars. Russians are probably like much of the world in that they swap periods and commas as compared to Americans when denoting numbers.


    It’s now $5 (or $7 for the “full video”).


    Well that was anti-climactic.



    Luke Magnifico

    Why the fuck?



    Most Europeans use periods in numbers like Americans use commas, and vice versa.

    Just an FYI for solving this ‘mystery.’


    There’s nothing down that shaft. Period. PBS did a special on it a few years ago. They found the shaft, and Egyptologists did almost this exact same thing, except they didn’t just drop their thing down the tunnel at the end. They expected to find artifacts and hoped for a sarcophagus, and there was a 10 hour lead up to finding out what was at the end of that shaft because their machinery was very slow (and had more components and better lighting). Instead they found an empty room, and it was one of the biggest documentary let downs but… Read more »

    Barry Barcrest

    What is more worrying is the face they let him take that on a plane, could quite easily have been a bomb.