Define necessity

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    Maybe this poster might help the OWS snowflakes understand what REAL poverty is!


    you are an IDIOT!


    Very clever repartee….douche nozzle!

    Send images like this to the African warlords/government who hoard all the wealth. You can’t get away with blaming whitey any more. Sorry. Next.

    I like how you made up an argument in your head then dismissed it. That must be a convoluted process.

    I do blame ‘whitey’ (or industrialized nations, if you cannot denote sarcasm) for handing out food when teaching them to stand on their own feet would serve everyone’s interests better in the long run.

    Ah, whatever. It’s China’s turn to make the big push into Africa pretending to be there to help while acquiring resource rights.

    If I made it up how did you pick up and fumble your way through arguing it so immediately? Not too bright are you? Well of course not. You’re immediately barfing out the exact rhetoric I already established is complete bullshit. Billions of dollars has been and continues to be sent there as aide that never reaches the people it’s intended for because guess what…it gets intercepted by the same people guys/girls like you think are freedom fighters when they resist western intervention when they’re in fact just criminals benefiting from the stupidity of people like you. Africa is a… Read more »

    “Africa is a failed state.”


    Want to whine that they’re different countries?

    Because they operate without federal jurisdiction? Because that’s part of the problem you fucking twit lololol

    fracked again

    I love when you post things that demonstrate that you are wrong. Just like when you claimed that humans aren’t primates. I don’t know if you are mentally ill or just the world’s dumbest troll, but never change, unless it is to get back on your meds.

    Ya I’m sure its me who is mentally ill.

    You post that things are wrong…because you really wish they were. They anything after must support you because…you really want it to.

    And you obsess over someone on the internet (me) and I never remember who the fuck you are.

    I think its time you tell your therapist about your online habits.

    You have yet to present any argument in this thread but you’ve done a great job and being an annoying tool.

    fracked again

    Africa is a continent containing many failed states and many stable ones. In your world, all of Africa is in chaos because… well, who the fuck knows why you do anything?

    “They anything after must support you because”

    What? I really must have gotten you worked up this time. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be picking on you.

    Ya pick on a typo.

    All of Africa is a failure, dumbshit. Libya was doing pretty well but…ya know…not so much now.

    It is a failed state. The definition is not restricted to one country when a mass of them are suffering from the same issues. If you think there are nice parts by all means move there and show me how smart you are. Wait…have you even left your state ever in your life let alone your country and…gasp…continent?

    Feel free to make yourself look stupid again.

    You didn’t even read what I wrote. Because you just repeated what I said.

    No I didn’t at all. Did you get hit in the had or is reading comprehension always a problem for you?

    Or would you like to just shut up and concede because you were wrong?


    I don’t think anyone was blaming whitey, per se.

    Not Demon, Devil.


    Newsflash. If you can afford to buy more than the bare necessities that sustain life, it is not a crime moral or otherwise.


    Looks like some people irresponsibly had children that they couldn’t support. I guess it was a necessity for them to breed and breed and breed.


    This ^^^^


    Newsflash people: food does grow on trees.

    And politicians are edible.



    MCS has none… Losers.


    Really doesn’t.

    Luke Magnifico

    Africa is one of the few countries that would benefit greatly from being invaded to fuck. People are always bitching about first-world countries barging in and throwing their weight around while stealing natural resources but hell, it’s not as if the native population are making the best possible use of them and we might as well get something back for $60 trillion we’ve poured into that echoing bottomless pit over the past 60 years without making a single bit of positive difference. Fixing Africa is not my job. There’s no point in my contributing €5 a month for 5 years… Read more »

    Luke Magnifico

    And before some bleeding heart saunters in with their tail all fluffed up ready for battle, I’m not saying we should leave Africa to its fate, I’m saying the wealthiest countries in the world have been trying to pull a whole goddamn continent back from the brink for more than half a century with very little success and if I want to spend €5 on a pint of Bulmers instead of sending it off to accompany the meaninglessly large cheques that continue to achieve nothing then that’s my fucking call. If you want to pour your hard cash into funds… Read more »

    fracked again

    “Africa is one of the few countries…”

    Luke Magnifico

    Slip of the tongue. You sewer-dwelling spoogemutant.

    fracked again

    Easy mistake to make. The same kind of mistake, in fact, that Sarah Palin, Rick Santorum or Maggie Buttforsoon might make.

    I never said Africa was one country because I know its an irrelevant tidbit faggots like you wait to prey on because you’re just so knowledgeable…lol

    Because you have nothing valid to contribute.

    fracked again

    You need a comma in there, Marge.

    You need your prescriptions filled.


    I agree, but it is a continent, with many countries.


    They aren’t Christians, so it is just God punishing them… who am I to go against God?


    Chances are, you’re already morally superior to Him. Even if you killed a guy in cold blood, you have the moral high-ground by far. This means you have a responsibility to do better than He has done.


    By what mandate must I do better? So the lack of give-a-fuck makes me better than God? If I kill once less than He then (remember, He’s in the billions), I’m better right? I like where this is going… My point here was the lack of morals\double standards: my sharp pointy stick poking at Christians may have eluded you. It was meant to be a implication of their contradictions. Sorry if I am wrong about that though… _I_ may have taken your reply wrong.


    I have taken your reply wrong, or more accurately only skimmed along until “who am I to go against God?” popped up and I replied without a contextual frame as I am often wont to do. This is a failing of mine that serves as a detriment in written word and as an excellent conversation starter/terminator in spoken word.


    Well said, Sir! I suffer the same! (Usually) LOL


    First world and Third world problem = overpopulation.

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