This Is My Lightsaber

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    actually all lightsabers are unique.
    they are custom made by the jedi


    It’s a take on the Rifleman’s Creed. Watch “Full Metal Jacket” and you’ll get it.
    Add to the fact that there is an Empire logo at the bottom, so I doubt these were made by Jedi, and since we know the Empire loved to use clones with the same everything, why should their light sabers be different?–LDQ

    Malta Soron

    Sith =/= Empire. Although the Sith were cooperating with the Empire (on account of the Empire being led by a Sith), they were still a seperate entity, and it is safe to presume that they stuck to their traditions, including making your own lightsaber.


    I’m talking about the Empire. Where did you read “Sith” in my post?


    Also, Sith by Tradition did not use Lightsabers. Jedi did. Sith used alchemically treated swords. Fallen (Dark) Jedi often used Lightsabers, including Dark Jedi who later studied Sith teachings.


    The Clones did not use Light Sabers.

    Also, the Galactic Empire did not use clones. They were to unstable, the Empire was not as irresponsible as the Old Republic.

    fracked again

    The Empire used clones for quite some time as garrison units, if you take the expanded universe as being legit. Also, many Sith, including Darths Bane, Maul, Sidious, etc., used lightsabers despite not being fallen Jedi. Sith swords were uncommon by the time of the Old Republic comic books.


    This is definitely for fun.