Human update 1.1

human patch.jpg (29 KB)

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    Where and when can I get that?


    Is there one for women which makes them *bitter-single-guy-with-delusions-of-grandeur rant*


    A patch which makes women attracted to bitter single guys with delusions of grandeur? No, that bug was fixed a long time ago.

    fracked again

    These are some seriously minor fixes. Can we get some improved virus and worm defenses or a backup circulation system for the heart? At least fix the routing for the recurrent laryngeal nerve.


    How about they just stop running the waste management line through entertainment? That’s be helpful!

    Luke Magnifico

    I can’t fuckin’ believe the Unpowered Human Flight DLC was shot down, there’s a new thread in the Human Condition forums asking for it every goddamn day. It’s bloody typical, once an evolutionary track hits the big time they just forget about the fandom that supported them.