Bill Nye The Science Guy

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    I almost ran him over once. He was jay-walking, and talking on one of those new fangled cel phones. I missed him by a couple of feet.


    You know how those science-folk are, always playing with those new-fangled gadgets of theirs. Bet he’s even got one of those tele-visions in his parlor. Nice tie, though –


    Well we have to let the smart ones like Bill Nye mess with the new-fangled gadgets so that the rest of us can understand them, don’t we?


    Thermal Nuclear Warfare = Science. Science will also fuck up the future. Human condition…


    No, thermal nuclear warfare = politics. Scientists made the bombs, but they don’t fly the planes that drop them, nor do they command the pilots that do.


    Let him have his apocalypse fantasy, it is how he absolves himself of any responsibility for the future.


    Did you read the quote, or did you get distracted planning your response half-way through?

    The quote doesn’t say there is a coming apocalypse; the quote says teaching biology is important.


    Really? People have been fighting over this so long that they forgot what the argument is about? Reminder: The topic in question is not “Does evolution exist?” The question is, “Did humanity reach its current state by evolution alone?” — as in, “Did we come from monkeys, or was there some sort of intelligent intervention that explains our radical split from the rest of the animal kingdom (reasoning skills).” And yes, it was probably evolution alone, but still, up for debate (sort of). People who completely miss that point amuse me when they try arguing their logic that, on the… Read more »


    Apes. We supposedly came from apes, not monkeys. Complaining that others are screwing up the discussion and then making a clear and obvious mistake in your own point makes you look very silly.

    tiki god

    that’s the argument NOW, yes, “intelligent design”, but it’s just creationism wrapped up in a not so pretty scientific argument

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