Giant Swiss Army Knife

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    no dildos?

    Luke Magnifico

    At first I didn’t like Wenger, but a lot of their tools are bulkier and easier to use than the Victorinox ones.


    Wenger sucks, Victorinox forever

    These giant monstrosities are silly from any manufacturer, though.

    In real life, there isn’t much you can’t get done with a supertinker/camper style SAK and a pair of needlenose vice grips in your pocket though.

    Luke Magnifico

    Fuck you, you fucking hipster.


    Just FYI – both brands are made by the same company – Victorinox acquired Wenger in 2005 and makes both brands.

    The Soldatenmesser (soldier knife) – the one issued to the actual Swiss Army, does not carry a brand but uses the Coat of arms of Switzerland. The current model is simply called “Soldier Knife 08”

    Trivia bit – the entire production contract to the Swiss Army amounts to about one day’s production, all the rest are sold to civilians.