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    Its OK to stereotype Texas like this but if I were to say … “You know what they say, once you go black… you’re a single mother…” Then I’m branded a racist. Unfortunately, this is pretty close to true.


    I don’t know. It needs postings for “Oil infrastructure as far as you can see,” and “people with ranches who talk like Rick Perry/G. W. Bush.”


    Hey, I find people like Rick Perry and George W. Bush very inspirational. I wish I could live out my “dress and act like a job that doesn’t exist anymore” dreams by buying property, wearing a costume, and throwing money at it until all of the inconveniences of said “rough life” were gone and have people actually take me seriously. I wouldn’t buy a ranch, big hat, boots and belt buckles to be a cowboy, though. I’d be a pirate. I’d just dock a ship in the marina, fully finish every compartment like a yacht, invoke second amendment rights on… Read more »


    I’d make the ‘wool’ coat out of something cooler like sweat-wick cotton/polyester (at least for the daytime), but otherwise that would be fun.

    I think you broke my brain with that Bill-Clinton-as-a-pirate motif. Very inspired, but quite surreal.


    “Texan” is a race…?

    Luke Magnifico

    “Texan” is a species, Homo Adipis.


    Black isn’t a race either. We are all Homo Sapiens. A single race, regardless of color or intelligence. Saying “Black people are inferior in every possible way” is technically not racist, unless you suggest that they are not homo sapiens, in which case you’re stupider than a black texan.


    Well said…except where you get “race” confused with “species”.


    UT and Hippies, all the way. Yeehaw.


    Is all of Fort Worth really just gay cowboys? Seems like we have a lot of upwardly mobile Hispanics too.


    I grew up in Texas Tech/”The Strip”, and this is fairly true. Lubbock: TexasTech and Booze. Oh and flat cotton fields.


    Blue Bell (Brenham) fucking rocks

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