Training time

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    I’m having trouble counting the many layers of awesome here.


    I have to be honest – and I’m sure I’ll get plenty of down votes for saying this – but I’m getting kind of tired of all of this. Every time I come to check the site it’s the same thing, and as a girl, I gotta say – who the fuck cares. I don’t freak out at pictures of hot guys, do I? And would you guys appreciate having nothing but pictures of guys?

    I appreciate a few hot pictures here and there, but it’s just all so tiring. Who cares, really?


    it’s all about the cat.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Roll your fat ass into a ditch and die you jealous hog cunt.

    Don’t mask your insecurities with bullshit. Oh no you have to see what men really want? Cause its not just this site. The world rejects your ugliness.


    Was I being rude? No, I wasn’t. I was saying that, as a girl, seeing nothing but pictures of other women is BORING. I can appreciate hotness, and I DO actually enjoy quite a few of the more tasteful pictures here, so shut the fuck up, dickhead.

    I understand now why you need pictures of hot girls on the internet. Why don’t you go fuck yourself.


    careful what you wish for


    You have no clue how a man’s mind works. There is never enough hotness.


    Is there a girl in this photo?


    the internet is not for girls.