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I just change my desktop wallpaper…

Kik Dogg

#1 nativity looks like porn


if you notice, none of these a-holes have any fucking snow. its easy to use your kids college funds for bullshit like this if you live where theres no fucking snow. amateurs.


Anybody here live in the Great Falls, VA area?
There’s a dude there (forget the exact address) who rigs up his entire property with lights, then synchs them to a playlist that he transmits on his own radio channel. When I visit my sister & her family there, we drive by it, tune in & watch –with about twenty other cars at a time, usually.
I feel bad for his neighbors, but it’s actually pretty cool.


This is the minimum acceptable standard.


Visiting Christmas decoration stores in my native Toronto has become my hobby lately. All those things look so lovely. However, they are not supposed to be used up by a single family…