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    Super funny! Colbert is awesome. I’d like to see the one argued as I am sure it will be.


    Face it, every minister has done the “Camel through the eye of a needle” sermon a dozen times and yet we still have televangelists wearing diamond encrusted gold Rolexes on their TV shows. Not to mention centuries of murder and torture in the name of the guy who said “turn the other cheek”

    They even convinced themselves that Hitler was an atheist – despite his invoking Jesus’ name in several speeches and mandating prayer in German schools.

    This one should be a piece of cake to reason away –


    “…He commanded us to love the poor and serve the needy without condition…” Sure,. but giving everything for free to the poor doesn’t show them your love nor does it serve them; it only makes them happy to be poor and unlikely to stop being poor anytime soon. As even the most shallow reading of the history of humanity in the last century would utterly demonstrate, a strong economy that provides jobs for everyone is the best way to “love” the poor, while trying to give them everything so they don’t have to make any effort themselves is the best… Read more »


    Take it up with Jesus.

    Luke Magnifico

    Jesus also said that if we believed in God we’d be given food and clothes and it’d be awse.

    Fuck you Jesus, you fucking liar.


    The average New York City welfare recipient makes between 35-42,000 dollars a year. They have a car, a color TV and a place to live. They do not pay taxes. Their food is free. Their education (for what it’s worth) is free. Their “pay” goes UP with every new child. Their medical care is free.

    The situation is essentially the same in any US major city.

    The overwhelming majority of the world’s poor would think that they were living like KING’s in the US.

    So give me a goddamn break about the “we don’t help the poor” horsecrap.


    The Dumb, it is strong with this one.


    According to the New York Human Resources Administration, the standard rate for welfare in NYC is $1,750 monthly.

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