1911 Pistol

20111204_172011.jpg (4 MB)

Rock Island 1911, Stainless extended ambi safety, stainless extended slide stop, stainless beavertail grip safety, stainless mainspring housing and mag-well, comp style trigger, stainless commander style hammer, stainless extended mag release with checkered button, stainless compensator, and a full stainless pin set, as well as polished internals and carbon kevlar grips. My first 1911, I like it

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    got an extended slide stop on my first 1911, made it maybe 3 days before i removed it, totally useless (at least for me) i’d be curious if you wind up removing yours


    ain’t it a bitch to clean though, compared to most polymer frame pistols? I always tend to scratch the frame a tad when removing the slide stop on pistols like this (my 1911 and S&W-6906). I don’t shoot my 1911 often due to .45 costs and the hassle of tearing it apart for cleaning. I do however keep my 1911 in the night stand as my go-to-gun for its stopping power, in case of any possible midnight intruders. I bet having that compensator makes shooting .45 slugs feel like little 22s as far as recoil.

    tiki god

    was at the local gun show this last weekend, they had one 1911-22 for $250 and another for $350, the only difference was that extension. does the coompensator really make that much of a difference on your 45? My gf isn’t too happy with the recoil on the 45s that we’ve tested, hoping to be able to talk her into a 45 and not a 22.


    My 1911 is pretty base. Springfield 1911-A1, stainless with wood grips that say “U.S.” etched into them. Got it for about $400. My buddy on the other hand has one pretty tricked. His compensator/muzzle break looks similar to the posted above. There is a noticeable reduction in recoil. It feels closer to a weighty 9mm pistol (like a Beretta) , which is very manageable for both petite ladies and youngsters alike. The friend’s roommate brought her 14yo girl to the range recently. It took me a good 30 min to convince her to try shooting a small .22 pistol. Shortly… Read more »


    It’s like comparing dicks, isn’t it?


    that’s the age old question. Is it the size of the gun? or how ya use it?

    Luke Magnifico

    I like the green bits, good work.

    It’s shit like this why i can’t have a laser gun




    Nice, but that grip is ugly.


    where everyone can get a gun.

    Funny people.


    Not really…you can’t be convicted of a felony, otherwise, as long as you can pay for the gun & DOJ background check, then yes. Oh, and for a handgun you need to pass a handgun safety test, but I think that might just be a stupid California law…the same one that limits you to only 1 handgun per month because if you bought more, you are going to kill people. Lucky me, I own a shotty & it’s considered a long gun so I can buy as many as I want per month so as long as I pass my… Read more »

    Mike Rackhabet

    i got a couple of those… i got an armscor 1911 about 8 years ago… its my go to gun. rock island has a sweet nickel plated 1911 in .38 Super. bought a plated and a blued… is that a 6 inch barrel? the front sight looks like its gone too. wtf? also the grips are tacky its not a “liceberna” save the kevlar for ridiculous looking hondas.

    Mike Rackhabet

    i can appreciate it. was just razzin’ the grips. i have some repro colt diamond grips on mine… hated the rock island ones…

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