You Don’t Say?

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    Of course, if it didn’t say that the ingredients of a bag of carrots was indeed carrots, they wouldn’t be able to legally sell them in the country they were produced in, if I’m not mistaken. Kinda would defeat the purpose of packaging them for sale if they didn’t follow the rules set out to be able to sell them, no?

    Oh well, I guess somebody found it amusing enough to take the time to put together the image.



    Things like this annoy me. How screwed are we as a species when you need to have “Warning: Contains nuts” on a pack of peanuts so that someone with an allergy doesn’t get to sue you for not warning them? “May irritate eyes.” on a can of pepper spray “Do not use orally.” on a toilet brush I think if someone is dumb enough to use the most basic products in the wrong way, let them. It’s not like they will be smart enough to think to read the label before they decide to use their electric blanket as a… Read more »