dancing chick

5kye1.gif (1 MB)

HkeOW.gif (1 MB)

Iw32I.gif (1 MB)

ja2j2.gif (1 MB)

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    Who is she!? Deyamn!


    What is the fucking annoying trend lately of splitting animated gifs up into 4 or so paneled partial animations rather than making the whole thing one image? It’s usually still one file, and doesn’t make it any smaller or faster to load.


    While I agree with you in principle, and echo your sentiment, it appears to be unwarranted in this particular case. That looks to be 4 separate gif images up there, and likely split up because the person creating the gifs chose specific parts he/she wanted to highlight, which didn’t happen to follow each other consecutively in the original video.

    Or would you want the image to have all 4 highlighted parts edited together into one longer gif? That might make it a bit jumpy to watch.