Miss Bush Yet

Miss Bush Yet

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    Even all that aside, considering that he was the one who piloted this country into its current economic crisis, hell no, I don’t miss him. Obama may not be doing a great job, but he’s still a shit-ton better than dubya.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Actually Clinton shot your economy in the foot. Bush did an amazing job with the economy.

    Sorry but you’re wrong. And he had a much harder climate to rule in than Obama who just plain sucks.


    If Clinton shot the economy in the foot, then Bush had eight years to fix it and look where that got us. Look at the economic figures when Clinton left, and when Bush left. Gee, where’d that huge surplus go?

    I have to admit, your ability to ignore the historical facts is just astounding. You might want to consider reading a book instead of getting all your ideas from Fox News.


    Bush Jr. ran up $6.4 trillion debt. That’s nearly half – 44.7% of the $14.3 trillion total. We all know what did it—two massive tax cuts geared toward the rich (along with other similar measures, like slashing the capital gains and inheritance taxes), and foremost the off-the-books wars or as Americans like to refer to as “cooking the books”. In percentage terms, the case is even more open and shut. The percentages in question here are debt as a chunk of the GDP. Reagan raised it 20 points, from 33% to 53%. Bush Sr. another 13 points more (in only… Read more »


    I find it funny that Foreign Policy was the one thing Obama didn’t run on, yet it seems to be the thing he’s best at. My friends overseas are a lot happier with the US now, especially those in the Middle East.

    Too bad OP left out Mubarak, that one was very well played without all the expense and loss of US troops that Iraq incurred. Support freedom, but don’t try to turn the country into “America East”.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    lol then your friends are retards.

    Obama’s foreign policy has been atrocious.

    btw why is Gaddafi up there? Now we’re giving lame duck credit for NATO accomplishments/murders?


    Sorry, Butthead – but Obama’s commitment to getting out of Iraq and Afghanistan and allowing the Egyptian people to fight their own battles has earned him big points overseas.
    Oh, and NATO never would have done anything in Libya without US approval, and that comes from the US Commander-in-Chief.

    NATO didn’t kill Gaddafi – a Libyan mob did. NATO provided the essential air support and intelligence. But without NATO’s support of the Libyan rebels and Obama’s support of NATO action the jerk would still be in power.


    Anwar al-Awlaki was a US Citizen. That Obama just decided to kill him on a whim is downright frightening. That said Bush was a cunt too.

    And if guys want to look for the causes of the economic crisis, look at the repealing of Glass-Steagall and the 700,000,000,000,000+ derivatives market that has mushroomed out since 2006.


    US citizen or not, he was crazy & dangerous. If my son was calling for my annihilation, I’d have his ass taken out, too.


    Just to be clear:

    If your son (your son) produced speech which advocated your “annihilation”, you’d have him killed. For his speech. That you thought was “crazy & dangerous”. Crazy and dangerous speech.

    …As an actual American patriot, I for one would welcome your annihilation, presumably by the hands of your inability to understand the fundamental rights of U.S. citizens.