Read The Awkward First Drafts Of The Star Trek Opening Monologue

Space… the final frontier … endless…silent…waiting. This si the story of the Unites Space Ship Enterprise…its mission…a five year patrol of the galaxy…to seek out and contact all alien life…to travel the vast galaxy where no man has gone before…a STAR TREK.

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    Gene Roddenberry gets too much credit for Star Trek. Gene Coon came up with far more lasting contributions to the franchise such as the Klingons, the Federation, Starfleet Command and the Prime Directive.


    True. Gene Roddenberry was the George Lucas of Star Trek. When left to his own devices, he screws it up. Look at the first 5 years of ST:TNG. It only got better when the actors could loosen themselves from teh bonds of Roddenberry’s original intent.