when your parents accuse you of lying to them

when your parents accuse you of lying to them

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    wo ho hoo! you got them there!

    fracked again

    But those were all harmless games we played with you and everybody grows out of them, right?

    You forgot Allah, Mohammed, Buddha…etc

    Oh I forgot “atheism” is only useful to people when it gets a reaction from the guys who used to pick on them in high school.

    Carry on, losers. lol

    Nobody made up that you’re a fag!

    russell sharpe

    You practice this shit in front of a mirror, don’t you?

    I thought you were talking to me but clearly you’re addressing someone named “don’t you”.


    typical christian response, attack the person/grammar instead of the issue

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I’m not baptised, retard.

    Thanks for showing you’re exactly what I said: some fag who wants to get back at those big bad bullies who picked on him.

    Cry to someone else, cunt.


    Man up and sign in. At least have the common decency to make an anonymous internet account, that way we can know a stupid comment is coming before we read it. Thank you.


    Who’s this “we”, white man?

    Makes perfect sense for parents to tell kids about Santa, the Easter Bunny and Mo… They are all the same culture. Buddha is an even better fit for European pagan myths adopted by the Christian traditions.

    “If you are a gorgeous little 6 year old, the prophet will marry you, keep you under a sheet, not let you go outside and rape you at the age of 9.”

    European Pagan myths?

    So now its okay to rip on Christians because the culture that brought civilization to the world was predominately Christian?

    If you’re going to point out how one is made up you need to point out and accept they all are.

    But then that would make sense and this is really about you crying.

    What goes best with Santa, the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy? A) Jesus, who became the primary mythical god of Europe since Constantine B) Mohammed, from a culture that doesn’t share the same pagan characters as Europe C) Buddha, from a culture that doesn’t share the same pagan characters as Europe Buddha and Mo were both real people. Jesus may have been. Any magical powers ascribed to them were either parlor tricks or added to their myths later. I’m not attacking Christianity for bringing civilization to anybody. I’m attacking it for being based on myths that don’t make good examples… Read more »

    And Mohammed and Buddha were real because….you read that somewhere?

    Take your pills.

    Buddha was about as real as every chinks gucci bag.

    Mohammed was another fictitious shit skin.

    Jesus was a jew killed by Romans as ordered by other deviant jews.

    Santa Claus is a symbol that kids get presents.

    You can pretend you’re not some anti Christian crybaby faggot if you’d like but we both know it’d be a lie.

    Don’t worry. The bullies aren’t here now.


    Actually St. Nicholas aka. Santa Claus as a real person. He lived, and his life is well documented. The modern American (not European, you uneducated toolbag), as a fat happy man man who delivers gifts came from Thomas Nast political cartoonist. The English speak view of Santa Claus was heavily influenced by a poem written by Clement Clarke Moore.

    Jesus = real man that lived once.

    Santa = real man that lived once.



    fracked again

    Maggie, I forgot that trying to talk to you was completely pointless. Thanks for the reminder. I’m anti-christian, but that is only one of the religions I don’t believe in. GAT, I’m well aware that the modern American version of Santa is a product of cartoons and marketing. The existence of St. Nick as a person is probably real. He quickly got mixed up with pagan stories and was used to adopt the gift giving festival of Saturnalia into the Roman Catholic feast days. Jesus may have been a real person, but the complete and total lack of any non-biblical… Read more »


    Buddha was a real guy, retard. His name was Siddhartha Gautama and he’s regarded almost god-like for what he created. So, yeah, quit being a fucking retard.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    way to wikifail

    He is regarded as a possible Buddha. Or just another shmuck preaching for attention.

    Since the religion existed before him its very much doubted that he was the real Buddha.

    So yeah quit being a fucking retard. <<–retard grammar fixed. yw

    Typical american. Doesn’t know that Buddha and Mohammed were real. But he really does get bonus points for saying Santa was real.


    I get the whole point and hah-hah, and all that.

    – What I do not get is, why is “Jesus Christ” written in a different way than the others? Is it supposed to be different than then Tooth Fairy?


    <mfw people think Christianity isn't a blatant copycat religion of an older Egyptian religion 3,000 years before the birth of Christ.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    They’re all copycats.

    Mudslimes are no different.


    By saying that you’re essentially saying that Christianity is a lie.

    Which it is.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    All religions are lies. They’re made up garbage from a long time ago before people realized how thunder and lightning actually work.

    They’re all equally bullshit but try telling that to faggot ass coastal America where all they fear are Christians.


    Truth is a arrow and the gate is narrow that it passes trough. You folks would’nt
    know truth if it bit you in the ass.

    Vance Logan

    Thank you, image poster. With this, it has finally clicked that Jesus wasn’t a man who claimed to be the only incarnation of the creator God the Jews were calling their Father in heaven. I will now be able to apathetically ignore it, whereas before I was not able to not care.


    Oh my god, can anyone else picture some pre-teen yelling this at their parents after they were caught sneaking out to see Twilight again? And then the slap upside the head they’ll get? xD