internet browsers as girls

internet browsers as girls

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    Repost, but Firefox is more true than ever. IE is not a hot MILF though. It’s still awful.


    IE is more like someones Gram, except that a Gram comes with every residence, unless your willing to buy a prefab from Apple or build your own with a Red tool Box.
    You can try to stick her in the corner, but if you try to leave the house she’s up in your business no matter what. And if you get rid of her, she takes the main structural supports with you and your place crashes in on itself.


    Chrome is not hot at all.


    Chrome + free Ad Block Plus extension = Best fucking browser EVER.


    Yeah, you sound like a FF nut back in 2005. And in a couple of years I’ll see you switching to something else.

    I stick to whatever works, and Google’s tracking bullshit does not please me, nor do I want to sacrifice or get used to similar-but-not-as-good Chrome extensions.

    Chrome is just eye-candy.


    Then there’s Pale Moon. Firefox optimised to be what Firefox should be.