I chose the job that suits my needs

I chose the job that suits my needs

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    Hey, it’s legal here in New Zealand, has been for a few years now(12 years?), but before that only the seller would get in trouble with the law. And if you couldn’t find a brothel, you weren’t reading the yellowpages or listening to the ads on the radio for “massage parlours”.


    I think it’s legal in Australia too, if you get the right planning from the council and can ensure that no one is being exploited


    12 years? not even it was like 2005


    A really interesting debate- “is it wrong to pay for sex?”



    Don’t know if “wrong”, but it sure is better when it’s not treated as another consumer good.


    I disagree.

    I have legally paid for sex in Prague and it was outstanding.

    When sex is treated as a “consumer good” you get what you pay for. Pick a nice brothel, pick a nice girl, pay for what you want… it was outstanding.

    Moddy Cassem

    I’m not paying for sex-worker. I’m paying for the sex-worker to leave.


    Considering that it’s usually the guy that pays for drinks / dinner and all that crap, you pay for sex regardless of how you look at it. The only difference is with a sex worker it’s a sure thing, and a whole lot less time consuming.


    And with a sex worker, when the sex is done they go away and you don’t hear from them again until you want more sex.


    Yep, that’s why I didn’t say “free”, I said: “consumer good”, because I think world today is too frelling consumptionistic as it is.
    But on the other hand, if sex is the only thing one wants from a woman, then by all means, go pro.
    Or Rohypnol.


    Check that square jaw. Id want a refund.


    When are people going to stop pretending they don’t want sex?

    You’ve done dumber things than paying to get a hump in.


    We should have sex


    I’m sure I couldn’t afford you.

    Ya I’m sure it was a toss up: hmmm should I get a job that requires my intellect and contributes to the advancement of my country in some way such as an engineer or should I spread my legs and get pounded on? You can’t dress up a whore and call her a lady. Sex workers can legalize it if they want but don’t play the ‘its just like any other job angle’ because nobody ever performed an operation or outfitted a construction crew with materials in exchange for crack. Whores can avoid the law but they can never recapture… Read more »


    The shame in part comes from that it’s a profession that needs to operate in the dark.

    Society’s views on sex need to get updated, legalizing prostitution is a step in the right direction.


    WHat the hell would you know about a “job that requires your intellect and advances your country in some way”?

    i read that you prick


    I’ve always believed that the vast majority of the problems with prostitution are a direct result of it being illegal and, therefore, unregulated. Legalize it. Regulate it. Tax the everloving hell out of it. Abusive johns and pimps are a result of the prostitutes being too afraid to go to the authorities because of the threat of ending up in jail themselves. Make them get medical screenings and licenses renewed on a regular basis. Sure, that won’t stamp out the STD problem, but it’ll make them no less safe than a woman you picked up at a bar.


    Bitch. You are a liar.

    Your daughter does not go to Irish dancing.

    You hair is not red, your face is not Irish. You have an ugly eastern European face.


    Wow! Apparently you know something the rest of us don’t. It’s impossible to learn or be interested in Irish dancing if you aren’t Irish. Good to know.
    Nice attitude you sexist racist moron. You are what is wrong with this world.