Worldview of Christmas

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    I’m with the “presents” people myself, but I think it has the atheists one wrong since they don’t want to hear about any religion, not just one religion over others. Cept atheism that is.


    Um… Atheism is not a religion…


    lol i wonder how many other people will get troll’d here?


    Sure it is. You don’t have to have a worship a god to have a religion. Global warming is a perfect example of a secular religion – fortunately a failed one. Atheism is as well, although obviously not all atheists join in, just like not all believers join a religion.

    fracked again

    Huh. You must have a different (and very broad) definition of religion than the rest of the world.


    Differently wrong, actually.
    The Christians are all going, “The athiests want to take the Christ out of Christmas! Raah!”
    The Athiests are going, “WTF are those Christians talking about? Christmas presents!”


    And yes, I know I screwed up the spelling of Atheists, even though it is RIGHT THERE.

    Merry Christmas!

    And a hap/MERRRRRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!


    Christians can have Christmas back when they prove it is a Christian celebration. Oh, that’s right it isn’t. They just stole it from many other religious and secular sources. Kind of like most of their childish beliefs.