The farmer tried to milk me…

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    Unfortunately that’s become the “Play it again, Sam” of my generation. The joke comes from the movie Johnny Dangerously and it’s in the form: “X did something to me once… ONCE.” It only works if there are two “once”. It’s supposed to tacitly imply that the person did it to the speaker only once because then the speaker did something horrible to the person and so he/she was forever unable to do that thing to the speaker again. If you only say “once” once, it doesn’t work!!! It’s not funny. It’s just stupid. It only works because it starts sounding… Read more »


    I understand what you’re saying. But frankly, I still thought it was funny. I suppose I subconsciously implied the omitted “once”…

    He explained it to me once.


    While you’re technically right, you fail because you can’t just enjoy something for the sake of enjoying it and you chose to be anonymous.