Giving Back?

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    You had me right up until “He lands his first job.”


    Nurses are paid salaries, military personnel (proud member of the other 1% myself) are paid salaries, teachers are paid salaries, managers are paid salaries, chefs profit from the bill he pays for. He doesn’t owe society anything else other than taxes. Now, the argument of whether or not he pays his taxes since he’s “rich” and hides his money is a totally different story. One second to talk about people my age, born in the late 80’s and now graduating college…. 22 yr olds at OWS protests, fresh out of college (like myself) and tired of looking for a job… Read more »


    Except that the post has nothing to do with not being able to get a job, the guy lands a job and is quite successful at it. And the fact that others are paid is irrelevant – the point is that he couldn’t have become a success without the support of the surrounding society and that he has an obligation to support that society so that others can prosper, too. Living in a free society is about more than just leaving a nice tip for the waiter, and giving back to society is a lot more than just paying the… Read more »


    Wrong. The fact that others got paid is very much relevant. He got an education, the teacher got paid for providing it. He got a salary, he worked for it. Transaction complete. No debt outstanding.

    The “could not have succeeded” line is bull. Without providing education to students, the teacher could not have succeeded either. Services were rendered. Money changed hands. Transaction complete. No debt outstanding.


    Typical liberal argument. Which ignores the fact that without this individual’s inherent talent…there is no ability to CHOOSE to give back. Conveniently ignoring the talent and value that is provided to society by the hard work and DESIRE to succeed. All liberals should really question their ethos. Why is this incorrect presumptive moral argument, provided under the assumed tenet that you will guilt and shame every productive member of society into feeling that without the infrastructure provided they would live in squalor and be homeless, exist? I love that noone that feels this way ever wonders what would happen if… Read more »


    i could not agree with you more, friend.