Things you didn’t know about the dead

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    #1 – How do they know this? (although I suspect it’s true, and creeps me the fuck out.)
    #2 – Varsity running back in the class below mine; cerebral hemorrhage during practice.
    #4 – Hundreds of barrels per single burial? Really?
    #6 – Well, that partly explains David Carradine.
    #8 – What if you’re instantly incinerated in, say, a pyroclastic flow? Or electrocuted?
    #13 – I’m donating my body to Science Fiction.
    #14 – “Popped their clogs”…?
    #15 – Strippers @ mine 😀


    All ways of dying are ultimately the inability of the brain to receive oxygen.

    If you would like to read the details of the different ways that this happens, there is a unsettling and/or excellent book written by an ICU Surgeon called How We Die which covers the each variation in explicit detail.