Ruling class

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gad damm lazy unemployed need to find jobs

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    Or we could operate as a loss until we’re completely out of money or so much in debt we can’t secure anymore funding, then we could lay everyone off!


    And yet, the ones who made the bad decisions that cost all those people their jobs are pictured.


    I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen any executive, CEO or board member show up to work or a meeting in a bow tie, checkered vest and boutonniere, and I’ve worked at a few Fortune 100 companies in my time.


    Did you work at one in 1935?


    Are we talking about 1935 or is the illustrator trying to portray current CEOs to be acting like them by this drawing?

    In either case, it really doesn’t matter since business decisions are seldom made just to “mess with people.” If you got laid off, it’s because the company needed to for some reason other than just to fuck with you.