Superman Wedding

Jonathon Carroll and his groomsmen were decked out in the finest Krypton robes this side of the yellow sun. According to Jessica, they had purchased the bodysuits from Rivers Edge Dancewear, and Jonathon took the time to make the robes himself. The iconic House of El “S” logo was produced by Wildwood Studios based on the symbol from the Superman Returns film.

more images at geeks are sexy.

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    i’ll do the wife with my kryptonite cock


    what exactly is going on in this pic. are they midgets? is she on her knees? is any of the grass real? i hate this fucking picture and i don’t know why….are they dolls?? WTF


    fuck, my exact thoughts


    Why do they look very short, or something? His head looks weirdly big. FUCK THIS. D: