Religious logic

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  • This video is of a fish named Goldy. This fish is the MCS Mascot and this fish is the primary moderator of content on the site.

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    Yep. Pretty much.


    In the last frame you can’t see the whole picture because of the speech bubbles. Are you sure there’s no duck hiding behind one of those? A small duck, obviously.


    Duh, the pond is a metaphor for a duck.

    Also, the duck created the pond.


    The question is ”Which evolved into the duck?” Both winnies and tiggers are found in the fossil record. The intermediate pictures are missing, but you certainly can see which evolved into a feathered forwardlooking (hint! hint!) swimmer.


    “Unless specifically mentioned in the post, we have no clue where this picture came from. Know where it came from?”

    I do! I was the one that made it. I made it about a month ago and posted it on reddit. Here’t the original reddit link:

    If you notice, the original comic had a spelling mistake on the last panel (pieces is spelled “peices”). After the mistake was pointed out to me, I made a new one and posted it. Looks like you got your hands on the corrected version 🙂

    A Friend

    Just so you know this cartoon started up a shitstorm of angry feminism at pharyngula.

    Apparently making the girl bunny the credulous one was SEXIST! Naughty boy. Or girl.


    It should do, PZ ‘squid-face’ Myers is a bastard, and he deserves to find out soon.

    PS for you wank face USA people, ‘bastard’ means ‘basterd’ in the Queen’s English, so poke that up your flag-pole and wave it around for a bit. Materialists, sheesh, they make me sick.

    Richard Eis

    It was pointed out that the cartoon was funny, but the author adding a gender was slightly annoying because of how it fell perfectly in line with the stereotypical wimindontdoscience type tropes. Then some men took issue, then some others took issue with them, then the blog owner got involved.

    Then war and millions died!!!!1!!!


    Yipes! PZ is right; it’s the wrong battle. I used the boy bunny because I knew the main bunny needed to do more pointing and be more expressive. Both the girl and boy bunnies suffered the unfortunate event of being buried by my dog (he buries almost anything he can get his mouth around). I cleaned them both but noticed that the girl bunny suffered more damage–her dress would barely stay on (look at the first panel to see how poorly the dress is fitting). Her now ill-fitting dress made it difficult for some of the poses to “read” nicely,… Read more »


    It’s awesome!
    I would like to add it to a post in my blog, after translating the text to Hebrew.
    can I get your permission? of course I will mention your name and details, including link to wherever you like.
    please let me know if it’s OK, and what I should mention in the credits.


    Sure thing, Gilad. I replied to you on reddit. When I get back into town, I’ll email you the Photoshop file.


    To rule out it being a duck, I think we should use DNA technology. How do we get a swab?


    cute bunnies, where i can buy them?


    ty! 😉


    (boy bunny puts last piece into place, turns to girl bunny,)


    Also: longest anonymous-account exchange evar.

    The Benevolent Force

    Hey, would you mind if I posted this piece of brilliance on my blog? I will credit you of course.cheers.


    pretty funny , but even for that example , you need someone to connect the pieaces in order to make the puzzle , amazing :]

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