Rebecca Black – “Person Of Interest”

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    DIE TIKI DIE!!!!!!!!!!


    Stupid name for a song, and she cant really sing, and has no good dance moves. At best, she has an innocent, awkward charm parents love, and sings songs I’d guess her parents wrote for her. She is more suited for the Disney Channel than a serious music career, but I doubt she could carry a show. She has a cute mush, but once she gets a lil older, she’ll have zip for celebrity appeal. That being said, the funk guitar track was shredding!

    tiki god

    she’s going to have huge cans when she’s 18. I don’t notice them at all right now though.


    If she wants to have any chance at being something other than an internet joke she needs to stop auto-tuning

    tiki god

    tell that to T-Pain


    If she stops auto-tuning it will bring forth the Apocalypse.

    Numero 41

    That Rebecca actually seems to be a nice person. Even though she is not the best of singers.