Pick One

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    I’m no guitar player, I know it ain’t about the looks and more about how heavy it is, the feel and the pickups, among other things. But I’ve always hated with a passion the Telecaster’s and Les Paul’s body design, specially the Telecaster.


    I’m a big guy with big hands so most of these guitars are unplayble and uncomfortable. I actually have that Gibson Xplorer and most other guitar players can’t play it b/c its heavier than most, has a rounded neck, and awkward without mastery of pentatonic scales.


    Of these? Fender Jaguar. Though I would definitely want a different color scheme to it. Maybe a dark purple flame ash with a clear pick guard. Hard to say.


    I have a Mex Strat that looks just like that one already. So I’d go with the Gibson SG.

    Alec Dalek

    Gibson. Explorer. Have. Pleased.


    Of these? Tele. At all? Epi Casino please.


    i prefer my bach stradivarius 42B tenor/bass trombone.


    I don’t remember if it was a telecaster or a stratocaster, but it had a heart of crome and a voice like a horny angel.


    If I can only have one, I need more choices

    Luke Magnifico

    Friend of mine has a Gibson SG bass, I stripped it down and stained it mahogany for him, it’s a thing of pure beauty.


    I already have that model Tele. Think I’ll take the Strat.


    Thant is a really hard question. The better one is which one do I not want. That would be the Gretch. I love my start, les paul and es335 but I’m really wanting for a Jazzmaster.