They wouldn’t be so poor…

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    Why arent they making nike’s and clothes for walmart? Theyd better be reaching for their time card!


    Forget the food, send them U-Hauls! Zombie Sam Kinison agrees with this post.


    damn it. sorry.


    I think Kinison said “they wouldn’t be hungry if they’d just move to where the food is”.


    Its on their heads! look at it! There is bread on their heads!


    Sorry kids, but I intend on finishing my pizza.


    Sort of puts the “iPad/iPhone using, Abercrombe and Fitch wearing, Wymen Studies degree from an $30,000 a year college holding, wanna leach off of people who actually work for a living” Occupy Wall Streeters in perspective doesn’t it.

    There’s poor and then there’s American poor.


    Lolz. Why so upset about something that doesn’t even affect you?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Somebody is one of the faggot protesters lulz

    grow up

    OWS is a joke and they don’t even realize it.



    Ah, mAgnUS. It almost warms my heart that you’re still here. It’s been… 7 years now? Amazing.

    Still getting butthurt at everything that Fox News tells you is bad? Good, good… it’s been fun catching up to you. ‘Til next time, champ.


    What do you think the Occupy Wall Street protests are about, exactly?


    OWS is a hodgepodge of communists, socialists, left-over hippies, hipster losers who were scammed by academia out of thousands of dollars for worthless degrees in political science, puppetry, Womyns Studies, etc., mentally ill homeless, and criminals who are preying on them all. Most of them have no clue what they are about so whether I do or not is a moot point.

    That said, it’s mostly about people who have accomplished little to nothing complaining that others have actually done something with their lives. Whiners all. And hypocrites all.

    They claim to be the 99%. The downtrodden taken advantage of by evil capitalism. Poor compared to the 1% even though they nearly all have food and shelter (check out the camps at night – most of the tents are empty as the OWS folks are no doubt back in their parent’s basements nice and warm), access to the internet, iPads, iPhones, clothes, etc. They are pathetic and, what’s worse, laughable.

    And Paul, if you think their moronic behavior doesn’t affect me, and you, you really are mistaken.


    Please detail exactly how it affects you. And us.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    They’re about crying and sticking their hands out for more. They’re about a mysterious sense of self entitlement without reason. They’re about another gathering of fucking losers who make assholes out of themselves in public areas for attention. Fuck each and every one of them in their busted up assholes.



    Nice loaded question Kori.

    I think its about the fact that we cannot carry on living like we have. Too many have too much and too many dont have enough. The occupy movements, the overthrowing of foreign corrupt governments, the riots – its all a catalyst for change. Its all good man we are balancing things out.

    I know magnus and friends will rain down on ideas like change for the good of all. But its so simple to see that it needs to happen. As a civilisation we are growing exponentially, both in numbers and in size. We need to adjust our lives. The 1% will become the 0.01% and then the 0.00000001% and it will be a trivial matter to overthrow their power.

    The smart countries already know this and are figuring out to create a real democracy, based on community rather than greed.


    Yeah, and the PTSD veterans with no access to health care, and the laid off father and husband, and the union worker who’s pension was underfunded, and all the other people that don’t fit into your stereotypical lalaland.


    I’m like 99% sure the VA gives health care to veterans who are diagnosed with PTSD. The vast majority of union workers have defined pension benefits that are equal to what many people make working. Yeah some of their plans are underfunded, but we keep piling up the debt to pay them anyway. As to a laid-off father and husband, he should have his ass out looking for a job instead of sleeping in a tent and whining.


    look at them…so lazy, they don’t even bother to eat


    You know, for people without food, suffering everyday of their lives torments that pampered first-world children like yourselves can only imagine, they do spend an awful lot of time making babies.

    Perhaps that’s the main reason they don’t have food.

    And you idiots DO known that ALL poverty will end in sixty years if poor people simply weren’t allowed to have babies, right? And before you claim I’m an evil monster for suggesting it, tell me: what you think about the kind of person who lives like these people do, and still brings another baby into the world to live like they do? How exactly would someone like that FAIL to qualify as a monster?


    It’s cultural and much more complex than just them deciding to make babies. Besides the actual reason for the famines and hunger in that part of the world is the corruption of the governments there and the corruption of the UN.


    They have babies for the same reason that everyone else does, and they have more than one because any one of them has a high mortality rate. Population control is undoubtedly part of the solution to starvation in (what I assume is) Africa. However, calling the actual victims of famine the monsters in this situation is naive and ignores massive amounts of decisions other people have made that resulted in them being in this situation.


    I don’t know how it can be naive, when there is a ton of data showing the food that is being made available to famine areas is not making it to the starving people due to theft and mismanagement by their corrupt and mostly dictatorial governments and the infamously incompetent and corrupt UN.

    Past that I can’t really make any sense out of your whole population control argument. I suppose China is a good example of how that works with millions upon million of female babies aborted due to the cultural emphasis on male children.


    I guess the starving people in Africa are screwed by the 1%.



    I’m pretty sure dictatorial governments are made up of the 1% of the 1% of the 1%, and are anything but capitalists, but yeah they are screwing the millions of starving in Africa.


    I am sitting here on my fat white ass drinking Sam Adams Double Bock and eating Christmas mellocremes by the handful next to a “Deck the Halls” Yankee Candle typing on my iPad in front of my 55 inch flat screen. Fuck yo po.




    What are mellocremes?


    Actually, they wouldn’t be so poor if their parents hadn’t turned their country over to communists.

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