Boom Box

CCE_JUMBO_2000.jpg (145 KB)

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    I might have had that one! Radio Shack, 1981????


    Gawd almighty…this brings things back. I got one of the earliest dual-deck models when I was about 15 and went apeshit making mix tapes with it…took me a little longer than it should have to realize that the fucking thing’s fixed recording level was something like 3, which meant playback had to be near 10 to hear the dubs at all –and with a good ol’ magnetic hiss thrown in for shits & giggles. Plus, no amount of fiddling with the record/play/pause buttons could prevent that nice healthy “THPP” between every song.



    I owned a few of these when it was cool still cool to drag it around town on your shoulder.

    A few years back I found one like this at a flea market fo 5€. I bought, cut out the cassette deck and mounted an iPhone dock in its place. Fun project, but I never could get the GSM noise out of the amp circuits… grrr…


    Where’s the iPod dock?