hummer pulling a lambo

hummer pulling a lambo

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    Oh, you little troll… That’s not a Lambo!


    fuck yeah, original hummer ftw.


    now that’s a hummer i don’t disrespect… unless you use it in a city to publicize your tiny penor


    i’m about to be an army man, plus i’ve only ever truly loved 3 vehicles.
    first being my first car (honda civic 2000), second the original hummer, and third is the Model MB Jeep.


    it’s a Ferrari F40 to be more precise


    You sir are incorrect that is no just a F40 that is a Ferrari F40 LM (The back window and spoiler will indicate this to you) Only 18 of these were made and it makes about a $600,000 difference. #PinkyUpDrinkinMyTea


    I believe a Ferrari F40 LM is still a Ferrari F40 – albeit a limited edition but still an F40
    Which would mean that the gentleman is correct.


    Well at least I didnt fuck up so bad to call it a lambo… What a fucking twat troll.

    Yo mamma

    I think that’s a Lambo.


    Wow- how small is his penis??


    men shouldnt say that shit, you idiot. its what women say to hurt our feelings!


    seriously.. dumb fucking asshole.. you tell him. and fuck hoes make money.


    Wow- how small is YOUR penis?? LMAO I’ll say whatever I want to- whenever I want to! Oh, and sorry about your tiny, tiny penis.


    Get a room, fellas.


    i make a lot of money, i attribute this to my big schlong….. why do wealthy people have to have tiny dicks? that association makes no sense…. this guy is probably an ex-S.E.A.L. or something badass like that and would fuck your brain up with his pinky before you can say “oh shit!”; then he’s going to go fuck the girl you fap to.

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