awesome window

awesome window

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    awesome tits


    So, there is one hell of a nice set of tits in this pic, and you say “awesome window”?

    Stupid faggot is stupid…and a faggot.


    i bet you wanna suck dick so bad. you dumb asshole, the whole reason its titled awesome window is because of the tits! dont you get anything? you braindead closet homo! tits are not that awesome to grown men who have seen thousands of them. maybe you should quit convincing yourself that being straight is so important that you have to call the man responsible for this amazing website a faggot, just to make yourself feel distanced from the raging gay lust inside your little butthole. you dont give lessons to Tiki, you brainwashed ape. if this werent the internet,… Read more »


    Sorry I forgot to log in before posting that^^

    Yup, your a faggot alright though.

    Luke Magnifico

    You’re not a very good troll.


    It’s called a trope you brain dead idiot.

    Yeah, I know it’s stupid to bait the trolls but what the hell – ain’t done it in a few months. 🙂


    what window?