battle los angeles

battle los angeles

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    if they invested just a little more in character development, this could have been a halfway decent movie.


    I agree about the character development, but I enjoyed it anyway. All I expected was some shaky-cam urban warfare with aliens, and that’s what I got.


    What’s with the smoke rings? That makes no sense …


    If you knew of a thing called “Science”, you would know that the “smoke rings” are the aliens version of Airbrakes. They were traveling from space at a speed that would disintegrate their ships if they struck the water, so they needed to decrease their speed.

    On the character development, I couldn’t agree more. The concept was cool, the effects were cool, but every time someone was killed or did something heroic, it was hard to even tell who it was, let alone care.


    Science or no, there is no context for them, until you explain it. For those of us who intentionally skipped this in the theatre, there are other options for what that could have been.


    Didn’t like the ending, thought it was a bit cliched

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