police officer hit with a molotov during 2011 greek riots

police officer hit with a molotov during 2011 greek riots

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    Fuckin Christ, I was in Greece just before the riots broke out


    This is scary, both because OWS is getting closer and closer to doing something like this and secondly there are going to be people who post on here saying that is a good thing.


    I don’t think the majority of OWS movement is violent. It would be nice to see them become more organized and effective at getting their message across. If they were to show politicians that they will vote as a group, and that they will back a candidate who does what they want with votes, they will be taken much more seriously. Regardless of your views on the Tea party, they have been able to do exactly that with great success. OWS could do the same. I know in some cases OWS people have been wise enough not to give their… Read more »

    Greg Androu

    While there is intense protesting here in Greece , such acts have always been caused by small groups of vandals, whom both the police and the respective to OWS movement try to constrain.


    I agree that many in the OWS do not want this type of violence, but I don’t agree they are the majority. You can watch videos of the Oakland vandalism/near-riot and hear only a few asking for non-violence while the majority ignore them. It’s always been amazing to me to see communists/socialists grouping up with anarchists (the ones who propel these riots in most cases). Add in homeless who are in many cases mentally unstable and a criminal element and the OWS is a time-bomb waiting to explode. None of which is good for Democrats (Nixon was elected in no… Read more »


    A well written post.


    So when IS Daft Punk coming out with another record anyway?

    Catholic countries are bad with money.

    Let Germany take the reigns. Actually I’m pretty sure there’s no choice on that. Germany will rule over the Euro dollar soon. Nice job, fatherland. They never saw it coming.


    Greece is not a catholic country…


    …and to a large extent Germany is a catholic country.
    Just an example, the Pope is German.

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