Hailee Steinfeld high collar

Hailee Steinfeld high collar

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    So who is this 12 year old looking girl and why should I know of her?

    tiki god

    you don’t know her? I guess if you don’t know, I should be the first one to tell you…


    Tiki, I know I’m sounding like a bitch when I ask this but why’d you reject some of my submissions of smbc comics?

    I’m still trying to figure out how this whole submission thing works


    they didn’t happen to be less than 500px wide, did they?


    Not this time, I made sure I converted them

    tiki bot

    because you submitted like 10 of their strips. did you not hear about The Oatmeal and all that nasty shit? reposting 1 or 2 is ok, but reposting half their catalog is not permitted.

    so, I picked the first one and declined the rest.


    It was like 5 but alright, thanks for the legitimate reason


    So… will you tell me for 1 JD mini?


    Seriously, Tiki, stop posting underage images. It’s creepy.




    What’s with Tiki and the jailbait as of recent?

    Luke Magnifico

    His biological clock is ticking, he’s getting broody.


    I generally agree (and in this context I do agree)

    But sometimes its totally innocent and it makes me really pissed off that we have to assume a picture of a girl under 18 (any… what so ever) is related to sexuality

    A friend had Natalie Portman as his desktop image from Leon in work, I think its a cool image (sat with the bear and the gun) and about a week later I overheard someone saying he’s creepy for having it on his desktop… what… so anyone who watches/likes Leon (or is it “the professional” in America?) is doing it just to look at 12 y/o Portman? That’s my problem…

    /closet pedo rant 🙂

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