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    I have a message to whoever did this:

    How dare you put Cobain, Hendrix, and Morrison in the same pic with that Beiber guy/girl


    The question is who the hell will remember him in 10 years?


    That is so mean! I certainly hope it doesn’t come to pass! Ten years is much too long to wait (unless he STFUs and people agree he’s best never mentioned again before that)…


    Why wait?


    I hope Bieber doesn’t get in, it would demean the rest of them


    your forgetting something really important; if Bieber dies, they will make him a hero (people tend to do that with dead artists (if you can classify Bieber as an artist(I dont believe he’s an artist but little girls do))) and we will listen to Justin Bieber even more…


    All of them deserved it for stupidity, drug abuse and carelessness. But the only one worth regretting that he died is Hendrix, the rest can go suck a hippie cock.


    No one wants to wait for 10 years for Bieber to kick it. Also, in what universe is he remotely close to being as good as the past greats? bottomline: this post is dumb


    I bet if you take away the autotune he’s a hack chosen for his looks.