keep us in the USA

keep us in the USA

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    Except the majority of Toyotas, Hondas, Hyundais, etc are made in the US.


    Doesn’t change the fact that the company is owned by the Japanese, thus the majority of the money goes to Japan…

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Korean. Hyundai is Korean.

    Nice work. 😐


    Sorry. Honda is Japanese. Point still remains, though.


    What was your point again?


    Speaking from the grave, Mohammar?


    Where the money ends up is irrelevant. The important point is that the jobs are here in America.


    Where the money end up is where the jobs are.


    Yep. My Hyundai was made in Alabama.

    Red Star

    … And the profits from the sale of your made-in-the-US-of-A Hyundai NEVER make it to back to Hyundai Corp. in South Korea.

    Red Star

    I’m old enough to remember when we used to use South Korean labor to make our cheap plastic crap… Now they’re using cheap American labor to make their shit cars.

    Red Star

    No offense to Hyundai owners. I bought an 89 Hyundai Excel in 1991. It was a POS. Hyundais have come a long way though.


    If you’re buying cars based on what they made 20 years ago you might rethink your strategy – Hyundais kick ass these days and are a great buy for the money.

    And if I have a choice between a Hyundai made in the US and a Ford made in Mexico, I’ll take the Hyundai. I don’t care where the corporate profits go, it’s the guys who need the money I care about.


    um.. who gives a fuck.