2-Year-Old Chinese Girl Run Over Twice & Ignored by 18 Bystanders

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2-year-old-chinese-girl-ran-over-twice-ignored-by-18-passersby-02.jpg (41 KB)

2-year-old-chinese-girl-ran-over-twice-ignored-by-18-passersby-03.jpg (40 KB)

2-year-old-chinese-girl-ran-over-twice-ignored-by-18-passersby-04.jpg (43 KB)

“October 13th afternoon around 5:30, a car accident occurred at the Guangfo Hardware Market in Huangqi of Foshan. A van hit a 2-year-old little girl and then fled. No passersby reached out to help and then another car ran over her. Over the span of 7 minutes, a total of 17 people passing by failed to extend a hand or call the police, up until the 19th person, a garbage scavenger ayi [older woman], who lifted her up after discovering her but the little girl in her arms was like a noodle, immediately collapsing back onto the ground. The trash scavenger ayi called for help, and the little girl’s mother, who was in the vicinity, immediately rushed over and rushed her to the hospital.”

The little girl was actually run over twice by two different vehicles. She died several days later after being in critical condition. You can find a link to this story at www.chinasmack.com

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    Honky Kong


    Honky Kong

    Anouther bump.


    too sooon

    Honky Kong

    Fucking potholes


    You think that’s funny? You think that’s fucking funny?

    Go fuck yourself.


    Fuck. This is seriously upsetting. That’s one less tiny hand that’ll be assembling the new Xbox in two years.


    I told you guys those things don’t have souls.


    I’ve seen tons of videos on gore sites of Chinese traffic accidents and surveillance footage. There is a huge lack of apathy in the Chinese culture.


    Surely you mean a ‘surplus of apathy’?

    Kik Dogg

    Or maybe lack of empathy?

    Don’t worry about it though. Its all water over the bridge.


    Under the bridge even.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Wow…aquaman really is the most useless superhero.


    lol, it’s china. what do you expect?


    The most interesting part is, that someone lest expected (by society standards), helped her.


    It’s china, might as well be stepping on ants.

    Fox Zurcaled

    It was a tragedy… What we should reassess now is the way we treat the young… zurcaledworld.blogspot.com/2011/10/2-year-old-child-ran-over-twice-in.html