Apple sues Samsung for copying it’s 2010 design.

21773_Samsung_Picture_Frame_v_iPad.png (130 KB)

21774_Samsung_Picture_Frame_v_Tablet.png (133 KB)

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    It’s not the outward design of the pads they’re suing , its the UI and outward design of the PHONES that they’re claiming infringes. Get it right.


    This is just like when Apple sued Microsoft for having stolen its Graphical User Interface which both Apple and Microsoft had gotten from Xerox (which was why Apple lost the case). Apple is trying to shake down Samsung using Lots ‘n’ Lots of Lawyers and Apple Fanboys


    which is exactly why they’ll lose… again…


    It’s not design if I could come up with it.


    Meh, I’ve not been impressed by apple ever.
    All I ever see is them copying other products, stripping them down, then slapping a shiny case on the bare bones and charging 3x as much and offering no options other than internal memory size.
    Apple is the “you’ll have it our way” company.