Happy Halloween Part 2

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Not Trolling, just think these are cool, and it’s just around the corner.

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    Don’t think you’re trollin. I love the fuck outta halloween, and these are sweet.


    Halloween is my favorite holiday. Is the Marilyn one real though – looks too good to be true.


    How is the Marilyn Monroe one real? The level of detail is astounding, if real.


    There is so way the monroe one is real


    I happen to know a master pumpkin carver. Sending Marilyn to her, will save this post and report back with her opinion, as I’m curious myself.


    This just in from my expert friend on the Marilyn one…
    “Those are fake pumpkins done with a laser. They scan in the picture and then the depths are done by laser. So…CHEATERS in my eyes! There is a guy that has a lot of the fake pumpkins and carves them with the laser machine and then sells them. I don’t respect anyone that uses fake pumpkins or lasers.”