police officer hit with a molotov during 2011 greek riots

police officer hit with a molotov during 2011 greek riots

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    Damn that’s fucked up. Flames are going up into his helmet too. Yeesh.


    Ghost Rider?


    I’m most concerned by the fact that the officer beside him is holding a stick, not a gun.

    And that he the officer beside him is not shooting the people in front of him. The person who threw it can be clearly seen, and I think I can only see one person in the photo that is shocked, arguably not an accomplice.

    And no, I’m not trolling. I’m pretty likely to question the government’s over reach, but this is uncalled for, and should be met with the force required, in this case lethal force.


    I agree. Protesting something you do not agree with is your right, but when you break the law there should be consequences.


    This is bullshit. I really hope this guy is ok. Fuck those protesters.


    It’s gonna happen here. Look at the losers attacking cops on Wall Street.


    A) I haven’t heard of any cops getting attacked.

    B) It’s too bad people have a constitutional right to assemble that’s getting them maced and beaten with by batons. Because fuck civil rights.


    In DC they were maced for violating public assembly laws by stepping into local museums and offices. They got carried away but shouldn’t have been maced. The police panicked.


    B) Assemble all you want, but if you start breaking laws then you get the baton. Still a nation of laws and you shouldn’t be breaking them around cops if you don’t want a date with the stick of justice.




    terrible, but photo is perfect


    Ha ha, not. Police have the $$#$’iest job in the world, trying to keep the peace. I couldn’t Google up any information about what happened to the guy. Hope he’s not majorly burned or scarred from that assault.


    That’s gotta suck, hopefully the gear he’s wearing is firefighter level flame retardant. That kind of shit is why I couldn’t consider that kind of career and why I have the utmost respect for police officers. Friend of mine’s father has been a career officer close to retirement and spent 3 weeks in the hospital last month after a work-related shooting that killed and hospitalized several other officers as well.

    feta- me-tiri

    i am from greece an this cop just tried to drive-on through the crowd of the protesters. so there is no pity or remorse for a guy with a uniform that just tried to injure people just for fun. luckily of course he didn’t suffered any injuries.