facebook and you

facebook and you

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    If they’re selling me, then they’re selling a bunch of M[c]S reposts.


    facebook dosent make money off of your information they make money by ad’s, retards that pay for there apps and endorsements. pretty sure that it states that they dont release personal info if you just change a simple setting 😮


    They make money off selling ads to you based on your information.
    Sure you can opt out (or run Adblock) but most people don’t. And that’s enough for them


    Never understood the fuss. Who gives a flying rat’s ass if they know what city I live in or my browsing habits? Who cares if they know where I am when I “check in”? Anything I don’t want the public to know, I don’t put up on a public social site anyway. Don’t want people to know you’re at the strip club? DON’T FUCKING CHECK IN OR POST FROM THERE!