elizabeth warren for president

elizabeth warren for president

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    that’s socialism

    tiki god

    no, that’s playing fair.


    And you are dumb


    Technically socialism is when the state (the government) owns everything, forcefully if they have to, she’s suggesting you pay the minority of your profit to help support us (the people)

    Luke Magnifico

    I don’t like her use of the word “hunk”, I think the word “chunk” would fit much better.




    Indeed 😀


    I’m not sure I agree with this. First, there are plenty of people who got rich on their own. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, all invented their own products which made them rich. In fact Edison was home schooled, so he didn’t even benefit from the public education. Yes, we paid for the roads, education, fire departments and the police that protect us, but so did the successful person with the factory. This seems to imply the successful person didn’t pay for it when in fact they are taxed too. I’m not sure why they should pay more. Is… Read more »


    No one gets rich on their own. Period. Any way you put it, someone is responsible for the establishment of some idea, company, object, etc., to better assist the said person.

    They shouldn’t have to pay more but they do owe a responsibility to do great things for the good of everyone or at least for themselves free from gluttony, pride, vanity, and/or fear. It is the honorable thing to do.


    Saying no one gets rich on their own sounds like an excuse not to try. I’ve already listed examples of people who did get rich on their own. Are you arguing that someone else built the actual factory? Those people got paid for their work. And without that first person, there might not have been a factory to build. I think that when your wealthy, you should do more for others, but it’s not a requirement, and I don’t have the right to make anyone do that right thing. I don’t think Edison (Edison’s known to have screwed over Tesla)… Read more »


    The roads, the education and the factory protection were all paid from taxes. The taxes were mostly paid by the wealthy.

    Sort of takes the ZING out of that argument, doesn’t it?

    We don’t need her as preseident. We already have a moron.


    Define “mostly”, quipster.


    95% equals “mostly” which is the percent of federal revenues provided by the top 50% of income earners compared to about 5% provided by the bottom 50%.


    So if my income puts me in the 51st percentile, I’m “wealthy”? Score!

    Also, you do realize that it’s a sliding scale, right? Obviously more money is coming in from the wealthy, because they have…wait for it…more money. It’s the percentage they pay as opposed to the percentage low-income folks pay, and the disparity is enormous.

    Now get the fuck off my road and get your dumb ass back in my school. I won’t have stupid people protecting my factory.


    Dear god, it’s Atlas Shrugged IRL.


    Didn’t Atlas Shrugged have more to do with Objectivism? Like where to get ahead you’ve gotta fuck over the little people and look out for yourself? Or was that something else by Ayn Rand? I really don’t know. Still, sound like the opposite or Atlas Shrugged.


    Hey Liz, will you buy me food and pay my rent so I don’t have to go work for that
    evil bastard who cuts me a check every week.

    Tiggle Bitties

    None of the comments are really fair.

    Warren ignores the reality of an economy to appeal to the goodwill of people in general, particularly to those who are super rich and super successful.

    Shit doesn’t work like that. Sorry. Greed is always going to take a much more prevalent role in how people act. Honestly, if people really were good at heart we wouldn’t be in this shit in the first place.


    Her grasp of economics is non-existent, but she’s a socialist and playing to the converted so it’s all good.


    You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.


    I know and am related to people who got rich on their own. But they had to take out loans. Then pay those loans back. I agree with her sentiment, but she’s expressing it poorly. Oh, and I will say this: Taxes for the top 1% are the lowest they have been since WW2. (Probably longer, but that’s as far back as I can confirm). They’re much lower than even the Reagan years. Now, here’s the problem. Giving tax breaks to the top 1% does not create jobs. People who have more money than 99% of the population have enough… Read more »


    The rich invest money which spurs economic growth; they provide the “capital” in capitalism. The rich do not “save” money, they don’t bury it in their backyard, in a mattress or even in a savings account earning interest little better than or even worse than the rate of inflation. They are rich because they invest their money so that it creates more money for them.

    The typical leftist seems to believe that most of the rich resemble the guy from “Monopoly” or Scrooge McDuck. Which, based on their economic illiteracy is fairly consistent, I guess.

    Have an Evil day


    They’re called “robber barons” for a reason –the cliche didn’t invent itself.


    She’s a fucking stupid moron, and anyone who agrees with her bullshit is the same. Businesses pay as much or more taxes as the a private citizen, so this whole “that the rest of us paid for” nonsense needs to GTFO.


    Except MY money paid for those roads and those schools TOO, bitch.
    And I didn’t just make a factory, I made a factory that makes stuff that people want.
    Unlike you.

    I “owe” the next generation nothing.