Churchill from Pet Sematary

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    still fuck that pussy


    A cat is fine too


    One of the best cat names ever


    Just gotta scroll down to see the rest of the new pics before going to sleep.


    Not tired anymore.


    Love Stephen King

    Brevity Truta

    Thought there was a recent poster posted. This’ll do, a bit of necromancy. Saw the 2019 remake last night. More ho-hum than horror. Pet Sematary is one of King’s darkest, most unrelenting books. This film took the events of the book, executed a twist, which I don’t have an issue with in theory, and made a movie about that. The tormented whys – all the avoidance and running forced into stark relief in a bad place that fed on it and turned it to nightmare, those whys for Louis and Rachel were sketched but never fleshed out properly. The two… Read more »

    Brevity Truta

    Oh, should have had a wee disclaimer. None of the above was at all a mug review, no subtext. Not how I roll, with my movie reviews. Oh dear no. Church, goodness, no. The sailin’, it’ll be to the place with the dolphins and clouds, low key. With the odd foray out to raid and swash. Wasn’t sure, but am now.