tipping etiquette around the world

tipping etiquette around the world

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    tiki god

    I try to not tip whenever possible.


    Well this is full of shit! If you gave me a tip in Australia I would spit in your eye! Along with many others! Such an insult!


    In Switzerland you just round up to the closest whole franc. So if a meal comes to 18.75 CHF, then make it 19. Or if a meal is 78.50, make it 79. Sometimes 80. If you tip anything more than that, expect a weird response until you explain that you’re American. Sometimes you’ll stand out as an American, and they’ll see it coming.

    Same thing for Germany.


    At least the U.S. information was fairly accurate. Given the bottom section, that’s the nationality of the author.


    Yup, in Germany you just round up to the nearest Euro.

    And Dollars are *not* accepted. No idea where they got that idea from.


    Fuck valets. If you’re charging me for something I am willing & able to do myself, you’re not getting a fucking tip.


    Wow. How’s that for an example of trickle-down economics in action? Hey America, how about actually paying your employees a living wage? Then you could ditch this ridiculous system.