europe vs. america

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faggs never heard of modesty

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    This image is so fucking retarded.

    Rome or Greece != Europe

    In that TeePees != USA. Maybe try Palenque or Cahokia if people want to dick wave about Rome…

    And as for TeePees the Picts in England and the Germanic Tribes in Northern Europe weren’t that far from Wigwams and TeePees themselves.


    Lets see a picture of Europe from 65 years ago compared to the US 65 years ago. Smoking ruins, destroyed by the super sophisticated Europeans, compared to the most technologically advanced civilization in human history. Europe is basically the mentally challenged older sibling of the US. Keep that in mind the next time someone criticized the US for being such a “young” nation. Also, keep in mind that we have the oldest functioning Constitution in the world.

    Have an Evil day


    Just… no.

    Luke Magnifico

    It’s a shite constitution.


    True, true…but you should have logged in


    Ever heard of democracy? Greece, 5th century bc.
    Absolutely everything you call “american” is borrowed from another country.


    Lol at the outraged anons.

    Luke Magnifico

    Yep, sure is umadanon up in here.


    OP you’re a dumbass!

    Go educate yourself and read Guns, Germs, and Steel.