motor protein

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    I just googled this and I’m freaked out a little. It’s kinda like Edward Scissorhands. Horribly wonderful. I admire nature for it’s surrealistic strangeness, yet sickened by it’s monstrous reality. Look at it! God.

    Kik Dogg

    OMFG i have always been in awe if RNA/DNA replication. Seeing shit like this is what solidified atheism for me. SCIENCE!!


    *nod* has the same effect as space when I look into it too much, if I worked my way up maybe I’d start to grasp how/why but as a total lamen it just hurts…. WHY!!!!

    This is why I am not only an atheist, but have contempt towards creationist ideals, I just can’t let them get away with dismissing it “God did it”…. NO!!! TOO EASY!!! *cries* it’s scary, humbling and amazing, you can’t be that content with yourself without pissing me off 🙂


    I dunno why you guys are bringing God into this.

    2 Different subjects – why are you mixing them up?

    Also; “God did it” is not an easy belief to hold. Logically its easier to not believe in her. But I digress.

    Lets not go thinking atheists are our scientific logical leaders. They are just like religious nuts only more zealous and with a painfully inaccurate sense of superiority. Its like Science = atheism we are SOOOO smart.

    No. The Agnostics are the smart ones. You guys are just unimaginative.


    I use the term interchangeably so my bad – I suppose I am Agnostic due to the above mentioned humility. My point is simple though, when considering the subjects I mentioned, people should be severely humbled/inquisitive, or I will consider them either lacking in intelligence, arrogant or deluded (probably all three 🙂 )


    Fuck yeah, nano-motors. Stealing energy from entropy to keep you alive.


    Not entropy, ATP!


    I think you mean Madoka’s stealing energy from entropy to keep universe alive.


    yo mamma!


    Biology is perfect proof of concept for nanotechnology.


    This was taken from a longer video that was actually surprisingly well done. A copy of the video can be found here: